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scrazzl is hiring

scrazzl is hiring! First up, we’re looking for a great PHP engineer. Below is a list of things we’d like to see from a technical skills point of view. On a personal level, we’d like to work with someone who deals well with pressure, has a good sense of humour and of course is a hard worker. ( You also like music, beer, and pretending to do extreme sports like mountain biking and surfing! )


You’d have a keen interest in various different technologies / languages and not just the usual PHP-verse, but we’d definitely like to see:

Highly skilled:
– jQuery
– Nginx
– Linux

Bonus points:
– Apache Solr
– NoSQL such as Mongo, Redis etc
– Appcelerator Titanium


Send us:
– A brief email outlining who you are and what you are about.
– A C.V.

Don’t forget to include:
– LinkedIn profile
– GitHub profile
– Last.fm profile ;)


What happens then? Well, we’ll meet up with people either face to face or via Skype (we’re good with tele-working!) to talk about what they want, what we want and see if things match up. We’ll probably ask you some fairly technically challenging questions too.

So, drop us a line to working@scrazzl.com and we’ll kick things off from there.

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